New mother Lotte Troelsgaard: On sustainable lifestyle with small children

🌿 YUMMII YUMMII - because they have the best boxes and because we have to take good care of the environment 🌿

I am a new mother and for me it is important to always be prepared to take food and drinks with me on the go, but also to use climate-friendly products and take care of the environment. I use the products from Yummii Yummii for when I am on the go, but also for storage and use in my home. When I'm away, it's great to be able to bring food in the cold and hot boxes, as well as nice cold water with different fruits / berries in the bottles. Now it's all over with using plastic bags and plastic containers.
After we have started giving a bottle to our baby, I always have cold and hot water in the thermoses, for me it gives a huge reassurance that I know that the conditions are in order and that they stay cold / warm when I am away from home. At the same time, the design is top notch, good for the environment and the quality is mega delicious. I use the small boxes for storing breast milk replacement when we are on the go, it works really well.

I use various boxes and bottles daily to take with me when I take a walk with my baby carriage. I use Bento Rounds for snack and thermoses for cold water or hot tea.
In my home, I use boxes to store food and to serve on the table in everyday life, as well as when we have guests. The tea bottle and thermos are also used to serve hot drinks.
All in all, I love YUMMII YUMMII, who has a great attitude, fights for our environment, and works for a greener future that we all need to take care of.

Green greetings
Lotte Troelsgaard