Every year we celebrate Midsummers Eve (Sankt Hans aften in Denmark) on the 23rd of June. Midsummers Eve is one of the oldest church festivals in existence. Here we celebrate John the Baptist birthday the 24th of June. As we celebrate Christmas Eve on the 24th of December, the day before Christmas Day, we also celebrate Midsummers Eve the day before Midsummer. 
At Midsummers Eve we gather family and friends around a big bonfire, where we celebrate the evening with bonfire speech, community singing of the Midsummer song and the making of Danish bonfire bread.
We have made it both easy and delicious to celebrate Midsummers Eve with great food and fun at the bonfire.
We hope you will be inspired.
Wishing you a great Midsummers Eve!


A witch's pot is a stew that can be prepared in different ways, e.g. over the bonfire or on the stowe The stew often consists of pork or beef cut into cubes. In addition, of course, there are vegetables and spices in the form of curry and paprika.
If you do not have a cast iron pot for the bonfire, you can easily make it all at home and take it with you in a thermo box. But if you have a cast iron pot, it is incredibly easy to make over the bonfire and not least enjoyable for all.
At Yummii Yummii we have made a delicious creamy witch's stew with pork and vegetables, which can be eaten with our bonfire bread or rice.
Snobrød is, the most common dish you make by the bonfire. Often you eat the bread as it is, without any kind of accompaniment, but it has become more and more normal to spice it up with herbs, bacon etc. or eat it as a side dish. On the other hand, working with dough can also be quite sticky. This is why we have chosen to shape the dough into small buns and put them in a Bento Box to make it easier to transport and prevent the dough from drying out. Then they are ready to be shaped, put on the stick and baked over the bonfire. Our delicious bonfire bread is made with durum flour and wheat flour, and is perfect as a side dish to our witch's stew.