Our ELEGANT and STACKABLE glass containers are designed to help you organize and store your food in your kitchen in a functional, modern and stylish way. GLASS BOX small is designed to contain a small dish, sauce, butter, cheese, fruit, nuts etc. in your kitchen.
You can stack two small containers on top of one large MEAL PREP CONTAINER.
You can use leakproof container in your fridge, freezer, microwave (lid off) or oven (lid off) and when it comes to serving – use stylish MDF lid as a table protector. It does not get any easier.
For easy cleaning and maximum convenience glass containers are dishwasher safe but lids need to be washed by hands.
Dimensions: 14,7 x 10,6 x 5,4 cm.
Capacity: 370 ml.
Materials: Premium borosilicate glass with food-grade polished MDF lid.
Cleaning: Glass container is dishwasher safe, but lid needs to be washed by hands.
Usage: Glass container with lid is safe to use in fridge/freezer – but when used in oven/microwave lid needs to come off.