"I love the sustainable mindset behind the Yummii Yummii company and their products. I can pack my lunches with a clear conscience! Also it is wonderful products keep my foods and drinks for training, games and school respectively hot or cold as needed throughout the day!"

🇩🇰 Emma Mogensen, professional handballplayer.

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"I find great value in using my products from Yummii Yummii, and I am a super fan of their concept #lessplastic. As an elite athlete, eating healthy is essential. It's about getting the right amount of food at the right time. My collaboration with Yummii Yummii allows me to bring delicious meals for a long day with lots of practice. I always have my thermo bottle with me - so I always have cold water at hand. In addition, the Bento boxes allow me to divide my various foods into smaller compartments. When breakfast is to be enjoyed on the go, I use Bento Rounds -  greek yogurt and muesli is divided in to separate containers. In addition, Bento Rounds are perfect for storing banana pancakes. The  products from Yummii Yummii makes it easier for me to plan my meals. It's important to me."

🇩🇰 Nicoline Olsen, professional handballplayer.

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"I love Yummii Yummii’s concept of sustainability and plastic-free packaging! I am especially fond of their thermos,  I can get hot tea on the go and my Bento boxes with compartments, they keep my food separate and fresh all day!"

🇩🇰 Majbritt Toft Hansen, professional handballplayer.

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