When other people find as much value and joy in using our products as we do, we get very excited and it all makes sense.

Excited, that we are more and more people that share the same passion - protecting our environment and are changing our habits and use of products towards more sustainable solutions. 

 This is why we are truly proud of all of our ambassadors and the great work they do in spreading our sustainable ideas. All our ambassadors are unpaid, but helps us spread our ideas and helps us test our products and provide us with valuable feedback, so that we can make sure to provide you with the best functional products/solutions.

Below you can meet some of our ambassadors.

Theresa Nielsen - Maria Tyndeskov & Line Trans - Lotte Troelsgaard - Sanne Troelsgaard - Aarhus United - Mette Tranborg - Kasper Filsoe - Irina Smit - Christine Lystrup - Tina Madsen - Malou Petersen - Laura Lander - Lynn Hoefer

Yummii Yummii ambassador

Yummii Yummii ambassador