"After I discovered Yummii Yummii's incredible fine products via instagram, I was immediately impressed by their fine, sustainable philosophy, appearance and quality.

I have been fortunate to have tried many of their products and now I use them daily. I am a great advocate of environmentally friendly choices, less plastic use and reuse. So having nice, solid food boxes and drinking bottles that you can use every single day is a great pleasure for me.

In the summer there were a lot of packed lunch prepping when we often went out on picnics or boat trips. Then I filled up all the small and large food boxes from Yummii Yummii with everything possible. I also like that they come in so many different sizes and that one can, for example, have large salads, spread bread and pancakes in the big boxes and dipper, dressings and snacks in the smaller Bento Round boxes.

It actually makes me more creative about what I can bring when I have so many nice boxes to fill. It is also very nice that you can choose boxes with one, two and three sections or none.

In my everyday life, my two little girls use each a bento with two rooms when they are in kindergarten. I use the drinking bottles with both cold and hot drinks. I always have a box or two of the small round Bento filled with some healthy snacks on the go in my bag. I always have travel kits with wooden cutlery and steel straws with me as well and it is often used.

I highly recommend Yummii Yummii to everyone, you will definitely be satisfied and it is also very good quality and very durable. Looking forward to selling their products in my own little cafe soon!"

🇳🇴 Irina Smit, foodie.

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