"I use Yummii Yummii products because we have to take care of our environment. The new EU legislation has chosen to say NO thanks to disposable packaging in the year 2030 and it is an important step in the right direction. I find Yummii Yummii is already far ahead in their way of thinking sustainability.

I love their products and quality is very high. Yummii Yummii stainless steel products are very durable and have a super nice design. I use Yummii Yummii on a daily basis.

In addition, It feels fantastic to be environmentally conscious and Yummii Yummii values fit well with my lifestyle and attitude towards the environment.

I use my stainless steel lunch boxes as well as my bottles on a daily basis - I am traveling a lot with football and work. Even when I spend a lot of time on a bus or in my car, my drinks stay cool and food is fresh and delicious when opening lunchboxes.  Bento small boxes are also great to bring on the go, I pack them with vegetables and nuts.

For me, it is all about being environmentally conscious and making sustainable choices. Yummii Yummii helps me to keep focus and I simply love all of their fantastic products, its many possibilities and its functionality"

🇩🇰 Lotte Troelsgaard, former professional footballplayer. 

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Yummii Yummii ambassador Lotte Troelsgaard

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