Our Story

How it all started...

Yummii Yummii came about in 2015 when my son was accepted into the AGF Football Academy in Denmark. I needed to make sure that I was able to make my budding footballer nutritious, yet tasty meals every day - some days my son would be away from home for more than 10 hours. So I had to think how to pack several meals on a daily basis.

Also, as an environmentally conscious Dane, I was not happy with my family's use of plastic, single-use items and our dealing with leftovers from dinner every day.

I hunted high and low, but was not able to find the right boxes. So eventually, after many hours of thought, talking with other soccer moms and many young athletes, I went ahead and decided to start up my own company.

I really hope that my Yummii Yummii products will inspire and make it easier for you to pack many healthy and sustainable meals, be they for picnic, school, work, sports or play.

Warm regards

Jeanette Fæster Jensen

Mother of three children and founder of Yummii Yummii


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