Let’s keep it real - meals can make or break your day when you are outdoors. But there’s no excuse not to enjoy every bite of a lunch that tastes fresh from the fridge or hot off the stove with our high performance food storage and snack containers.

We ensure all our products are safe, toxic-free and designed with sustainability in mind. Below are some of our favorite outdoor products. Quality is high and design timeless, so hopefully you can pass products along to the next generation! 

Yummii Yummii inspiration Outdoor

If you wish to bring a hot or cold meal use our Thermo lunchboxes. A Yummii Yummii vacuum insulated Thermos lunch box is especially great for keeping food cold and fresh or hot on the go. Fill your Thermos lunchbox with, porridge, stew, chili con carne or any other favorites. Or fill with Greek yogurt or a fruit salad for the beach – they keep food cold too.

Our Bento boxes are perfect for bringing dry foods and Bento Rounds are leak proof containers and are great for yogurt, humus, apple sauce, snacks, dressings etc.

If you want to make sure you have a nice cold or hot drink when you are out and about - use our thermo bottles - they keep cold for 12 hours or hot for 8 hours. You can read more about why steel is perfect for containing your foods/drinks here

Yummii Yummii inspiration Outdoor

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