Your review plants one tree

YUMMII YUMMII works hard everyday for a better tomorrow. Our environment and climate is two of our main topics - by focussing on how to reduce food waste and minimize consumption of plastic and disposable packaging, we want to inspire how to pack food and beverages sustainable with consideration for the environment.

The climate also needs our attention if we want our surroundings to stay as beautiful as they are. We can do this by planting more trees. Unfortunately we see large forest areas being eradicated all over the world. The Earth needs trees to bind carbon, which would have otherwise gone in the atmosphere contributing the global warming.

As a way of giving back to the Earth, YUMMII YUMMII have decided to plant a tree for every review given at our website, Trustpilot or Facebook - together we can make a difference and work for a better tomorrow. In order to ensure that the trees are planted where most needed and correctly, we've teamed up with the nonprofit organization One Tree Planted. It's a partnership we're proud of and loving the fact, that this collaboration will reduce our carbon footprint.

Wanna join? Go write a review of your YUMMII YUMMII product here at our website, Trustpilot and/or Facebook. We will plant a tree as thank your - no matter how many stars you give us 🌱

Why are trees so important?

Besides binding carbon, trees help purify the air we breathe and the water we drink. Trees and forests are home to more than 80 % of Earth's biodiversity, securing 1.5 mio. people a job and is the primary ingredient in 25 % of all kinds of medicine. These are just a few of the benefits of having trees - we need to maintain the forests rather than eredicate them. Want to read more about the importance of planting trees and the work of One Tree Planted? Click here.

One Tree Planted

Partnership with One Tree Planted