"We live in a society with a lot of focus on our environment and our use of plastic. Using products from Yummii Yummii extensively every day, is my healthy and sustainable choice and assists me in living a healthy lifestyle.

As a professional footballer I’m always on the go, on a long bus ride or on a plane. When I travel I always have my lunchboxes and thermos with me. When using my Yummii Yummii products my home prepared food/smoothie/drink etc. stay fresh and delicious for a longer time. For my various snacks, I use the various sizes of bento boxes, which easily fit into my bag. 

I love all my Yummii Yummii products, the concept, the values and the mindset behind. Every day I am looking forward to opening my packed lunches, snacks and drinks."

🇩🇰 Sanne Troelsgaard, professional footballplayer. 

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Yummii Yummii ambassador Sanne Troelsgaard

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