To perform at sport at the highest level it is important to be able to eat and drink healthy on the go. Sometimes you are away from home for many hours and you need to pack several lunches to go. 

To make sure you can enjoy every bite of lunch that tastes fresh from the fridge or hot from the stove you can use our high performance food storage and snack containers. 

If you want your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold – use our insulated bottles - they keep cold for 12 hours or hot for 8 hours. 

Our insulated bottles can also be used as a sports water bottle or gym bottle. If you buy a sports cap, the bottle is perfect to use when performing sports. Sportsbottle has a one-handed operation, a quiet performance, is leak resistant and has a high flow rate. 

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To be able to have the best gear for top-athletes we work together with a number of top athletes in handball, football, golf, basketball, volleyball, fitness etc. Their input is very valuable to us. All of our sport ambassadors are not being paid  - they  test our products and we treasure their feedback highly. They also help us in spreading our sustainable ideas on SoMe-platforms.You can read more about our ambassadors here

 Yummii Yummii inspiration sport

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