"As a professional footballer I am often on the go. Using Yummii Yummii's products, driving or flying long trips is not a problem. With some good meal planning my packed lunches are fresh and delicious when on the go. When using Yummii Yummii's thermos and food boxes I do not have to limit myself. I can always get a healthy and nutritious meal before a workout or a game. I can't even imagine being on the go without my fantastic products from Yummii Yummii!

Huge High five from me - and it is a huge plus products are sustainable. Yummii Yummii products help me minimize my food waste and consumption of plastic and disposable packaging.

All my best recommendations ."

🇩🇰 Theresa Nielsen, professional footballplayer.

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Yummii Yummii ambassador Theresa Nielsen

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