"I am a huge fan of the stylish environmental friendly stainless steel boxes from Yummii Yummii.

I like their products because they are environmental friendly and especially because they are available in several different shapes and sizes and they keep my food fresh and delicious for several days.

I am especially a big fan of the cooling effect the boxes provide.

I prepare my meals several days ahead. I bring leftovers on the go, fruits, vegetables, rye bread etc. I store my boxes in my refrigerator before use, and when my boxes have been taken out of my refrigerator, the boxes still keep my food cold, so I can eat deliciously fresh food even after several hours on the go.

I also think products are brilliant in the summer if you are at the beach.

The most important thing, however, is that my food is kept fresh and delicious for a much longer time than I have experienced when using other boxes.

Likewise I find it very nice boxes are available in different sizes and come w/with out compartments. For example, if I have something deliciously green for lunch, some meat and some nuts  Then I can divide my foods it into three different compartments. 

 I think Yummii Yummii products are great and they make my food even more delicious to eat when on the go."

🇩🇰 Tina Madsen, fitness.

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Yummii Yummii ambassador Tina Madsen

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