Food prep med behappyline

Food prep with behappyline

Aug 27, 2020Yummii Yummii

Since I eat vegan and primarily clean ingredients (wholefoods plant-based), my meal prep will be 100% plant-based. I always use my yummii yummii tote bag for shopping, because I try to minimize the use of plastic in my everyday life. The tote bag is of really good and strong quality, made of 100% environmentally friendly and organic cotton, and it is huge, so I am actually surprised time and time again by how many items can be in it (win-win-win)

To get ready for a new week and to make my everyday life easier and as healthy as possible, I try to prepare different ingredients in advance. That way, I am sure that I always have something delicious at home for breakfast and dinner - plus nutritious and tasty packed lunches to take to the office.

For this week, I have meal-prepped the following in my various yummii yummii bentos:

  • Spinach salad with lemon, cantaloupe, cucumber, dried cranberries, amaranth, yellow flax seeds and chopped brazil nuts
  • Pea puree with lime and sea salt
  • Large datterino tomatoes
  • Quinoa with black sesame seeds and lime
  • Diced cucumber
  • Grapes
  • Vegetable samosas
  • Avocado with black sesame and hemp seeds, carrots, red pepper, grapes & bread
  • "Streich" with curry flavor (vegan spread with, among other things, sunflower seeds, applesauce, sunflower oil, sea salt and spices)
  • Green olives with almonds
  • Corn
  • Sundried tomatoes
  • Kimchi
  • Mixed nuts (para and macadamia nuts) & almonds

With these different bentos ready in the fridge, it is really easy to make a delicious buddha bowl or similar.

In addition, I always have oatmeal, chia seeds, flea seed shells, fresh and frozen fruit & berries at home, so I can easily and quickly make oatmeal and smoothie/nice cream with various toppings - and for example a delicious fruit platter with the ingredients that are in season.

For me, it is also super important to get plenty of water during the day. I have my yummii yummii thermos bottle with a sports lid with me everywhere, e.g. work, gym and walks, and my glass bottle with tea infuser is also often with me. I use the red hibiscus tea, which both tastes really good and has a lot of good antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that benefit the body.

Sometimes, if I have extra time, I bake vegan bread or buns that I can put in the freezer and use for sandwiches or as a side dish. For this week, I made a large pot bread with spelled and coarse island wheat flour.

A huge advantage of yummii yummiis bentos is (in addition to being environmentally friendly, high quality and beautiful) that they keep the food fresh for a long time, and the thermos bottles keep the cold water cold and the tea hot. The products have quickly become indispensable in my everyday life.

Thank you for reading along. I hope you can use my food-prep ideas for inspiration and motivation to get ready for a new, and perhaps greener, week.

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