10-year warranty on stainless steel

We are proud of the sustainable materials and craftsmanship that goes into every YUMMII YUMMI product and promise to replace products if they are damaged or defective upon purchase.
In addition, we provide a 10-year warranty that covers all our stainless steel products and includes manufacturing defects on stainless steel parts of products purchased from YUMMII YUMMII. The warranty does not include silicone, PP plastic or bamboo parts of the product.
If the product was purchased from an authorized YUMMII YUMMII dealer, it is necessary to return it directly to the dealer. Worn parts, dents, scratches are not grounds for replacement and are not recognized as covered by the warranty as they come from regular use of the product.
For our insulated Thermo products, our warranty covers any leakage caused by a defect in stainless steel material. Intentional damage to and misuse of the product may void the warranty.
Regarding our Bento Boxes, our warranty covers the stainless steel box and lid. Intentional damage to and misuse of the product may void the warranty.
For our Thermos Bottles / Food Boxes, any possible deformation or failure caused by placing it in the freezer or washing it in the dishwasher will also void the warranty.
Regarding the YUMMII YUMMII logo, normal wear and tear, including (but not limited to) the degradation of the laser engraving, is not considered a manufacturing defect.
To make a warranty claim, send an email to info@yummiiyummii.com with a brief description of the problem and with pictures of the defect.
Our team will respond as soon as possible.
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