At YUMMII YUMMII we care about the environment. It is important to us that quality is paramount, which is why we regularly have our products tested and certified, so that we can guarantee you as a consumer that our products meet current standards set by the food authorities in the EU, LFGB (Germany) and the USA (FDA). The certifications are carried out and approved by SGS and UL , which are among the world's leading certification companies.

Required by the Danish Food and Drug Administration , all food contact materials must have a declaration of conformity, which summarizes the company's control work and ensures that the materials are in accordance with the set rules. Declarations of conformity appear here on our bento boxes , bento rounds , glass bottles , steel straws and thermos bottles . In continuation of this, YUMMII YUMMII is part of the Ministry of the Environment and Food's smiley scheme - see our latest smiley control reports here .

GOTS certification

Our products come in reusable packaging in the form of nets and canvas bags. These are GOTS certified, with which you as a consumer are guaranteed that these are environmentally and socially responsible produced throughout the entire supply chain.

EU certification
Our products are approved to meet EU requirements for food contact materials. With this certificate, we assure you that our products neither affect your health nor the food quality negatively. Including a guarantee that our products neither receive nor emit odors or tastes, and are free of volatile organic substances and heavy metals.
FDA certification
FDA stands for Food & Drug Administration and is the United States' food and drug authorities. With this certificate, we assure you as a consumer that our products meet the American requirements for food storage products.
LFGB certification
LFGB is the German standard for food-approved products. This ensures that, just as with our other certifications, YUMMII YUMMII's products do not negatively affect you or the food stored therein.