Bento - Small

Stainless steel lunch box

A Yummii Yummii stainless steel lunch box is an Eco-friendly stainless steel container free of BPA and other phthalates. Our stainless steel lunch boxes are made of highest quality Food-grade stainless steel 18/8 and are tested to meet the requirements set by the Food Agencies in the EU. A Yummii Yummii lunchbox is dishwasher safe and virtually unbreakable.

For best result keep your containers in your refrigerator before use and you can experience the cooling effect of the steel. Bento stainless steel lunch box is for dry foods only, please use Bento Rounds for dressing, yogurt etc.

What does bento mean?

In our search to find the right boxes for our family, we came across the Japanese-style system of small dishes in separate containers packed without using single-use wrappings. A Bento is a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. We found that this could be a perfect way to rethink our lunches and at the same time be more focused on our use of plastic and single-use wrappings. Yummii Yummii boxes are designed to fit together as a system and to replace a lifetime use of too much throw-away plastic containers and bags.

Which bentos are the best for me?

We offer solutions for full meals to tiny snacks. Our Bento lunchboxes come in sizes small, medium and large and with one, two or three compartment/-s. Bento lunchboxes are not leak proof, please pack with dry foods only. Please use Bento Rounds for dressing, yogurt etc.