Become part of Yummii's Influencer Team!

Do you want to join our influencer team and create inspiring content about our products on your social media?

We value close collaborations with our influencers, content creators and ambassadors and believe that a partnership that adds value to both parties is the most rewarding.

If you are interested in becoming part of Yummii Yummii's influencer team and representing our products on your social media in Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Germany, send us an email at info .

Please tell us a little about yourself, why you think we are a good match, and link to your profile(s).

As an ambassador, we expect you to:

  • Is focused on sustainability, quality, food/healthy lifestyle or similar.
  • Create regular content and interact with your followers.
  • A healthy and/or energetic lifestyle forms a significant part of your content.

Are you a company?

Are you interested in providing your employees with the best products for storing food and drinks, regardless of whether it is for work or leisure? We often collaborate with companies that want to promote a sustainable, healthy and quality-conscious working environment and motivate their employees to a sustainable lifestyle.

Do you have an idea for a collaboration? So feel free to send us an email at info with a description of your wishes, and together we can find the best solution.