Your review plants one tree

YUMMII YUMMII works every day with consideration for our surroundings. Our special issues are the environment and climate, where, with a focus on reducing food waste and minimizing the consumption of plastic and single-use packaging, we want to inspire how we can pack food and drinks sustainably, and thereby do something good for our environment.

The climate also needs a helping hand if we are to continue being able to enjoy the nature we surround ourselves with today. We can, among other things, do by planting more trees. Unfortunately, we see forests being felled on a large scale worldwide and the planet needs the trees. Trees bind CO2, which would otherwise have ended up in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

In an attempt to show consideration, we have therefore chosen to plant a tree for every review we receive here on our website, Trustpilot and Facebook, whereby together we can do something good for the climate. In order to ensure that the trees are planted where they are most needed and that the process takes place responsibly, we have entered into a partnership with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted . It is a partnership we are incredibly proud of and happy about, and we are delighted that in cooperation with them and you we can reduce our CO2 footprint.

Will you be with? So jump in and report us and your YUMMII YUMMII product on our website, Trustpilot and/or Facebook . We plant a tree as a thank you - regardless of how many stars you give 🌱

Why are trees so important?

In addition to binding CO2, which would otherwise have disappeared into the atmosphere, the trees help clean the air we breathe and the water we drink. Trees and forests are also home to more than 80% of the planet's biodiversity, ensure 1.5 billion people worldwide and is the primary ingredient in 25% of all medicines. These are just some of the many benefits of the existence of trees and the reason why we must maintain the forests that are there, rather than cutting them down. That is why it is close to our hearts at YUMMII YUMMII to support the great and fine work that One Tree Planted does - a partnership we are proud of. Want to read more about the importance of planting trees and the work of One Tree Planted? Click here .

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