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At YUMMII YUMMII, we have long dreamed of traveling to warmer climes. However, it is not possible yet, and unfortunately it will also be a while before we are allowed to travel. That is why we at YUMMII YUMMI have chosen to bring the journey to Denmark.
If you miss being able to go on a trip to Asia, take a trip with us on an Asian-inspired picnic, where you will get a small taste of Asia. At YUMMII YUMMII, we have chosen to take a short trip to Vietnam to eat crispy and juicy Vietnamese bánh mì with a nice cold refreshment in the form of coconut juice. Before we went "home to Denmark", we also got a bowl of nice hot spicy Tom Yum soup.
Really good trip to Asia

TOM YUM soup

Tom yum/tom yam soup is a Thai soup. The word tom means the cooking process and yam means mixed. The soup is strong, sour and pleasantly scented with herbs and spices, such as kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, ginger, fish sauce, lime and the mild scent of coconut. The soup is often made with shrimp or chicken and mixed with delicious vegetables. Tom yum soup is good for both starters and main courses and can easily be taken with you in a thermal lunch box if you want something deliciously hot when you're out and about.

See below our recipe for tom yum soup.


Vietnamese BANH MI

Vietnam has previously been a French colony, during this period the Vietnamese were introduced to the French baguette, but it was only after France left Vietnam that the Vietnamese banh mi emerged. The Vietnamese banh mi is a sandwich consisting of baguette, meat, pickled vegetables, coriander and chilli. This popular sandwich comes in many different variations, but all of them are really good to have in your packed lunch or when you're on a trip, as it's both delicious and fresh.
The word banh mi translated into Danish means bread, and on our Asian trip with YUMMII YUMMII we have chosen to make banh mi xa xiu, which is a sandwich with xa xiu marinated pork (inspired by the Chinese cha siu BBQ grilled meat).
Get the recipe for the three main ingredients below

XA XIU marinated pork

Xa xiu marinated pork is red fried pork, which originates from Chinese cuisine, where you make char siu BBQ marinated pork. In Vietnamese cuisine, xa xiu marinated pork is used both for sandwiches, for noodle soups, rice, fried noodles, for BBQ legs and in steamed buns. Xa xiu marinated pork has been well received in Vietnamese cuisine because the meat is both juicy and sweet in a good way.

Pickled carrots - Dua chua

Pickled carrots are like pickled cucumbers, but pickled vegetables are used very often in Asian cuisine. It is used when eating rice, noodles, salad and in sandwiches. The fact that there are pickled vegetables for many dishes is because Asian cuisine often demands that there is always the sweet, the salty, the mild, the sour and the strong to be found in the meal. Therefore, pickled vegetables are often a side dish on the dining table.

Homemade mayonnaise

Homemade mayonnaise can be both easy and difficult to make. You just have to try it and have a bit of patience, it's actually very easy. A homemade mayonnaise is always creamier in consistency than a store-bought mayonnaise. When you make it, you decide entirely yourself how you want your consistency and how much salt and lemon to add. The good and delicious thing about a homemade mayonnaise is that you get rid of all the preservatives and additives that might be in a regular bought mayonnaise and then you get a fresh and creamy homemade mayonnaise. It is both easy and cheap to make and you can make many different types of variants, by adding herbs, garlic or chili, you have a chili mayo.

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