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Every year we celebrate St. Hans Eve on 23 June. Saint Hans is one of the oldest church festivals in existence. John the Baptist's birthday is celebrated here on June 24. But just as we celebrate Christmas Eve the day before Christmas Day, we also celebrate St. Hansen's Eve the day before St. Hansen.
At St. Hans evening, family and friends gather, both publicly and privately, around a large bonfire, where there will often be bonfire talks, the singing of the Midsummer Carol, and the making of snobread.
Here at Yummii Yummii, we have made it both easy and delicious to celebrate St. Hansen's evening with good food and fun around the fire.
We hope you will be inspired and happy Saint Hans to you!


A witch's stew is a stew that can be prepared in different ways, e.g. over the fire or on the stove. The stew often consists of pork or beef cut into cubes. In addition, of course, there are various vegetables and spices in the form of curry and paprika.

If you don't have a cast iron pan, you can easily make the whole thing at home and take the dish with you in a thermal lunchbox. But if you have a cast iron pot, it is incredibly easy to cook over the fire and not least really cosy.

At Yummii Yummii, we have made a really delicious, creamy witch stew with pork and vegetables, which can be eaten together with our sno bread or brought rice.

Snobrød is the most common dish made by the fire. You often eat the bread as it is without any accessories, but it has become more and more normal to spice up the dough with herbs, bacon etc. or to eat it together with a dish. On the other hand, twisted bread can also be a bit of a pain in the ass. That is why at Yummii Yummii we have chosen to shape the portions into buns and have put them in a Bento Box for easier transport and to prevent the dough from drying out. Then they are also ready to be shaped, put on the stick and over the fire. Try our delicious snobrød made with island country wheat flour and wheat flour, which are perfect as a side dish to our witch pot.

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